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 Welcome for new members

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PostSubject: Welcome for new members   Fri Apr 03, 2009 3:50 am


my name is Egle, I live in Lithuania, Klaipeda city.
I have very small and young kennel "Lemuro", at home we have only 3 shih-tzu and oneamerican cocker Smile

Anyway,in one day I decide to creat forum, where all people from everywhere can meet and talk about our wonderful breed Shih-Tzu.

It is very hard to find so place where you will find all information what is needed for Shih-Tzu breed, so we need to creat it byself . I hope you will like my idea and you will help me to make this forum famous.

I hope you enjoy it ! sunny

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome for new members   Sun Apr 26, 2009 4:40 am

Thank you for the great forum. I hope many people coming from all the world
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Welcome for new members
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