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 Should We or Shouldn't we???

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PostSubject: Should We or Shouldn't we???   Fri Feb 19, 2010 7:50 pm

Hello, We have been asked to adopt a baby Shih-Tzu and we are considering it. But, would appreciate some imput. The pups are only two-weeks old right now and belong to friends who already have three Shih-Tzus and two other mixed rescue dogs. Our friends are looking for good homes for the puppies. We would be a good home. In the last 36-years, we have had four dogs. All lived to be at least fourteen and were a wonderful part of our family.

But, let's face it...we're senior citizens and had thought our next dog would be a rescued middle-aged couch potato (like us :-). But...what can we say...the heart goes where it wants. So, we're asking for some honest feedback. Are Shih-Tzu more than we can handle? Our previous canine companians were all mixes...including a Jack Russel.

I have read that Shih-Tzus are imposible to house train...have short attention spans...can't be trained obedience trained.

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Should We or Shouldn't we???
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