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 A Responsible Breeder

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PostSubject: A Responsible Breeder   Sun Apr 19, 2009 10:36 am

A Responsible Breeder:

Is well educated about Shih Tzu.

Offers specific information about Shih Tzu in general and about his/her dogs specifically.

Has breeding stock that is healthy, mentally sound, can be seen by visitors.

Maintains the highest standards of cleanliness, care, and canine health.

Screens for genetic defects before breeding. All breeding stock should have appropriate registry certification numbers and should have all blood tests necessary for heritable defect screening.

Encourages the buyers of his/her puppies to keep up these screening procedures throughout their new pet's life.

Provides a sales agreement.

Keeps good records (pedigrees, medical and health) of all his/her dogs.

Questions buyer about family situation, job schedule, previous dog owning experience, etc.

May want to visit the buyer's home

Usually belongs to local and/or national club (breed specialty, all-breed or obedience).

Is truthful in advertising.

Does not spread rumors about other dogs, or other people.

As Shih Tzu breeders, we must be honest in our breeding practices. When problems do occur, be open about them; we cannot remove the genetic problems from our breed without the help of each and every Shih Tzu breeder. We are the custodians of our breed!
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A Responsible Breeder
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