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 The Stud Dog

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PostSubject: The Stud Dog   Sun Apr 19, 2009 10:38 am

The Stud Dog

The owner of a stud dog always has the right to refuse to breed any female.

Things to consider if you are planning to use you Dog at Stud:

All genetic testing should be completed and current on your stud dog. Have genetic information on dogs in his pedigree.

Make sure your stud dog is in good physical condition and has an annual health exam by a veterinarian, including a brucellosis test. He must be free from external and internal parasites and all inoculations should be current.

Do you have facilities for secure and proper care of a visiting bitch? This includes having time to help her adjust to her temporary home.

Do you have the skills and ability to handle the actual mating process?

Be sure you are able to answer specific questions about what your dog is producing.

Ask what the bitch has produced and to whom she was bred. Ask questions if you have not seen the bitch.

Require the bitch to have the same genetic tests that you have on your stud dog.

Keep a 3-4 generation pedigree of every bitch your dog has been bred to; include genetic testing on those dogs in that pedigree.

Have a complete and *specific* stud contract with a place to include exceptions. Both parties should have a signed copy.

Keep accurate records of the times and dates of breedings, keeping the owner of the bitch informed. Send a written record of the dates of breedings to the owner of the bitch.

When returning the bitch, include a copy of your stud's pedigree with all of the genetic testing that has been done noted on it.

Make sure both parties agree as to when the AKC/FCI papers are to be signed.

Text is from American Shih Tzu club
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The Stud Dog
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