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 The Brood Bitch

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PostSubject: The Brood Bitch   Sun Apr 19, 2009 10:39 am

The Brood Bitch

The owner of a female makes the decisions to breed and selects the stud dog.

Things to consider before using your Bitch to breed:

Make sure you have the finances and time to be there for the whelping and complete care of the litter.

Have the proper facilities for whelping and care of the litter.

Realize that you are responsible for the litter; screen prospective puppy buyers; sell with spay and neuter contracts and/or limited registrations; follow up after puppies are sold.

Make sure all genetic testing has been completed on the bitch. Verify that the sire and dam of your bitch have also been checked for genetic anomalies.

Research several dogs that you feel would be suitable for your bitch, considering pedigrees and genetic makeup.

Discuss possibility of breeding your bitch with the owner of the stud dog well in advance. Ask specific questions about the dog.

Check on all requirements, stud service fees, shipping arrangement, stud service contract, etc. Stud service contracts are different with each stud dog owner, be sure you understand it.

Know how to tell when your female is ready to be bred.

Be sure all inoculations are current, she is free of internal and external parasites, and is in good physical condition. At the first sign of being in season, have a Brucellosis test done and contact the owner of the stud dog.
Remember, raising health, well adjusted puppies is a time consuming but rewarding job.

Text is from American Shih Tzu club
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The Brood Bitch
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